LATE NITE ART® is a creative experience lab based in Oakland, California. Our experiences inspire individuals, groups, and teams to break through their creative and social walls, unlocking new possibilities for collaboration.

After leading 100+ experiences in 8 countries with over 5,000 participants, LATE NITE ART has translated into a cross-cultural success. Whether working with corporate executives, social entrepreneurs, or university students, the response has been consistent: a sense of creative confidence, team cohesion and a willingness to take new risks.


Imagination Sessions    (1.5 hrs)

A rapid innovation session to inspire your team

For: Corporate Teams, Conferences, and Universities

This fast-paced workshop is a quick and accessible way to spark creative thinking and push teams into new ways of working together. Imagination Sessions provide a flexible platform to address a wide variety of needs including business strategy, rapid prototyping, arts-based brainstorming, unblocking challenges, and creative branding sessions. Feel free to blame us if your office is happier, healthier, and more on fire after an Imagination Session.

LATE NITE ART   (2-3 hrs)

A creative capstone experience for trainings, retreats, and conferences

For: Corporate Teams, Conferences, and Universities

Our signature workshop uses collaborative art-making, curated music, and facilitated dialogue to foster a creative, energetic culture inside your team or organization. Whether using us for team building, visioning, or celebrating accomplishments, each event is tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Often paired with wine and a 3-course meal, LATE NITE ART can be easily woven into the programming of larger events, and used as the capstone experience for staff retreats, conferences, and off-site trainings.

Community Events   (3.5 hrs)

Part social art party, part gourmet pop-up dinner

For: Anyone!

Our community events explore provocative topics and turn strangers into friends. Hosted at rotating venues, participants gather around the table to share a delicious three-course meal and build off each other’s ideas using paint, stories, and meaningful conversations. At the end of the evening, an impressive art piece is created which visually captures the experience and mark of each person. At LATE NITE ART you don't need to be able to color within the lines - you just need an open mind.

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LATE NITE ART is one of the best places that we’ve found to bond with strangers.”


“We laughed, we were inspired, and we rejuvenated our relationships; walking away stronger as one.”


“LATE NITE ART is a meaningful experience I could see our team learning and growing from over and over again.”


Adam Rosendahl

Founder/Chief Experience Officer

Adam Rosendahl is a creative facilitator, event producer, and DJ based in Oakland, CA. In 2012 he founded LATE NITE ART, LLC. Since then, he’s been on a creative rampage: leading over 100+ LNA events in 6 countries, with over 5,000 participants.

From federal probation officers and corporate executives to social entrepreneurs and university students, Adam has a knack for lighting the creative spark in people. He specializes in using the arts to positively shift corporate culture, enhance leadership capacity, and make learning more fun. He firmly believes that engaging the imagination is the key to changing our culture.

Jeffrey Shiau

Director of Operations

Jeffrey Shiau is the Director of Operations for LATE NITE ART. His first experience of LATE NITE ART in 2013 made an impression that deeply informed many decisions and projects he took on thereafter. He defines the LATE NITE ART experience as one that generates deep empathy.

As a Bay Area kid, born and bred, Jeff Shiau gravitates towards human-centric experiences, ideas, and conversations that uniquely intertwine artistic and musical methods. He enjoys participating in strategic execution & operations of impact driven teams, such as Impact Hub and Delivering Happiness.

You can find more information about him at, including a podcast he records with other talented entrepreneurs in a series called "Talk Human to Me."

Forest Stearns


Forest Stearns is a prolific visual artist, educator, and facilitator. He joined the LATE NITE ART team as a lead facilitator in 2016. From art galleries to spaceships, there is nothing Forest won’t draw upon. As an "Illustrator for Space" at Planet Labs, a SF Aerospace Company, Forest has illustrated over 150 of Earth's orbiting satellites. Yep. Satellites. He also directs Planet Lab's exciting Artist in Residence program. Known as DRAWEVERYWHERE, his portfolio spans from stylized calligraphy and huge murals to virtual reality and industrial design. Previously, Forest served as the Art Director for DeviantArt, the largest online art gallery and community in the world. Forest draws inspiration from granting "creative permission," to everyone he meets - encouraging business executives, children, artists, and people everywhere to "let go of their fears and pick up the pen."

Jenny Sauer-Klein


Jenny Sauer-Klein joined the LATE NITE ART team as a lead facilitator and trainer in 2015. She is an expert at building collaborative teams, and shaping the culture of companies through play. She is an internationally renowned facilitator and trainer, having taught tens of thousands of students. She is the founder and director of The Culture Conference, an immersive 2-day event for business leaders who are committed to building positive teams and cultures. Through her Play On Purpose programs, she helps rapid-growth companies bring their values to life so they can attract and retain the best talent.

She is also the co-founder of AcroYoga, a global movement based on the values of trust, connection and playfulness.

Jocelyn Jackson


Jocelyn Jackson has been cooking with LATE NITE ART since day one. Her passion for seasonal food, social justice, creativity, and community is rooted in a childhood spent on the Kansas plains, where her diverse, vibrant family would sing a song before sitting down at the table to share a soulful meal.

Jocelyn founded JUSTUS KITCHEN to continue to create food experiences that inspire people to reconnect with themselves, the earth, and one another. She starts every meal with a song.

She is also the co-founder of The People's Kitchen Collective (PKC), a food-centered political education project, working at the intersection of food, art and activism.

Azalina Eusope


Azalina Eusope, a fifth-generation street food vendor, moved to San Francisco a decade ago. The only thing that could comfort her in the early days settling in and learning English was the food she grew up eating in Malaysia. In 2009, Bon Apetit magazine named Eusope one of “10 Top Upcoming Chefs” for 2010. She was also honored by Women’s Initiative for Self Improvement for being an “Enterprising Woman on the Rise” in 2012. She’s even catered food for the Dalai Lama and President Obama!

Éli Zaturanski


Éli’s work is a creative tribute to the inner light of his subjects. His background in theatre and event production enables him to connect with others in a relaxed and playful way, making people feel instantly at ease in his presence. From weddings to fashion shoots to headshots, Éli has a unique ability to bring out the essence of his subject matter, creating lasting images that tell a compelling story. Éli’s photographs have appeared on CNN, LA Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, Tablet magazine, and The Daily Californian.